Testing in real-life conditions

In fleet tests conducted according to the SAE Type 2 test procedure, a stock tractor with a 53-foot standard trailer was equipped with the Slipstreem Showtime 100 and tested against a duplicate rig without the device. Tests were performed over a 16-month period, using the same equipment and drivers each time, under a variety of weather conditions, including dry, rain, winter extremes and sweltering summer heat and humidity.

Over the course of these tests, the truck equipped with the Slipstreem Showtime 100 achieved:

  • 6% gain in mileage - The Showtime 100 truck consistently got 6.51 to 6.56 miles per gallon (mpg) average, versus the control truck's 5.96 to 6.02 mpg. (Industry average is 6.1 mpg)
  • 3-4% fuel savings - This was based on fuel weight and temperature going into the tanks and coming out.
  • Greater trailer stability - Drivers reported greater stability in the trailer, even under windy conditions, noting the rig required considerably less effort to drive.

Additional considerations

The reduced pressure drag of the Showtime 100 improved available horsepower, requiring 25 to 35 less horsepower to pull the same load. As a result, use of the device could result in:

  • Extended service life of equipment
  • Emissions reduction
  • Fossil fuel conservation
  • Reduced driver fatigue.

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