Frequently asked questions

It's hard to believe the savings and performance the Slipstreem Showtime 100 is able to deliver. But it's true. The following will help address many of the questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us directly to talk about your specific needs.

Is the Showtime 100 compatible with all trailer manufacturers?
Currently, the Showtime 100 fits most Wabash, Stoughton and Utility dry vans, Great Dane Sure Seal refrigerated vans, and all Great Dane vans produced on or after 2011. We continually work on fitting the device for other manufacturers. If you have a request for a specific manufacturer, please contact us.
What about durability?
Unlike the bumpers and mud flaps that you must constantly replace, the Slipstreem Showtime 100 was developed to last the life of the trailer with minimal, if any, maintenance. One fleet has been using the device for more than two years now with no damage, and no maintenance.
How can I be sure the Showtime 100 will do what you say it will?
The results of our SAE Type 2 fuel test are documented and available here on our site. We performed numerous type 2 tests in all seasons and the site numbers indicate the overall average. We posted one test so you can see our methodology.
Does the boat-tail restrict my routes by adding length to my rig?
You can go anywhere in North America. In fact an aerodynamic device can extend 60" beyond the rear of the vehicle, it just can't carry cargo.
What about the permanent extra weight of the device?
The Showtime 100 weighs under 150 pounds. In fact, it actually makes more horsepower available by reducing the pressure drag associated with bluff bodies.
How will this device affect handling?
We have found drivers LOVE the Showtime 100 -- especially in windy conditions. The Showtime 100 plants the rear of the trailer, making the whole rig almost effortless to drive. We get more comments on how good our device makes the truck handle than we do about the fuel savings!
I already have an aerodynamic tractor. Why do I need this?
It's been proven for almost 50 years that bluff bodies produce high drag. The tractor has been redesigned over the past years as fuel has risen to reduce friction drag, and now it is practical and cost effective to reduce the pressure drag on the trailer.
Can I fold the Showtime 100 without opening the trailer doors?
Yes, push on the bottom of the side panel and it folds up nice and neat. Then just use the door chain to hook it and away you go -- completely folded up.
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