What we say is what we do

For more than a century, trucks have been rolling down the road, delivering goods to the world. In that time, we've watched fuel prices double, then double, and then double again – prompting business to turn its attention to the development of equipment and devices designed to improve fuel efficiency. From side skirts and boat-tails, to trailer design and even the aerodynamic tractors of the 1980s, we've seen their impact on fuel efficiency – and the transportation industry.

At Slipstreem Aerodynamics, we're making history, too. Focusing our efforts on making trailers as efficient as the modern tractor. We're not alone. Grand Island Express has seen the logic in our approach – offering us the opportunity to put our ideas to the test by running our devices in their fleet. As a result, we've seen great success and excellent fuel economy, along with reduced driver fatigue, with our unique brand of boat-tails that make trucks much easier to drive in the wind or any conditions.

We remain committed to finding new and better solutions to the problems our customers face – as the most technologically advanced supplier of quality aerodynamic components for the trailer industry in North America. That means responding quickly to customer demands with products that meet their needs and exceed their expectations, and bringing them a nationwide capability to assure reliable delivery of quality components when and where they need them – as promised, when promised. Because at Slipstreem Aerodynamics, what we say is what we do. Count on it.

Mission Statement

Slipstreem Aerodynamics is committed to providing world-class products and services to the transportation industry that will result in a reduced carbon footprint and significant fuel cost savings for our customers.

Slipstreem will contribute to a cleaner environment through the development, marketing and sales of aerodynamic devices for our transportation industry partners.

Team Bios

Robert Holubar

Mr. Holubar grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa about 1 hour away from Walcott, the largest truck stop in America. Rob has been involved in some form of aerodynamic and mechanical performance oriented industries for most of his life. Rob originaly mastered his study of fluid dynamics with thousands of hours spent on flow benches for engine development when he was owner of Dynoformance, a racing engine constructor.

In 2004, Rob began to explore the world of aerodynamic testing and research after he built his first home made 1/64th scale wind tunnel. What started as a hobby, soon grew into an entrepreneurial project that secured his first few development contracts with privateer motorsport teams around the country. As an experienced consultant and aerodynamicist, today Rob continues to provide a boutique solutions oriented practice that is well known in the motorsport industry.

Rob's passion for everything aerodynamic led him to theorize and author a patent in the growing field of drag reduction technologies for tractor trailers. He currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska and has been contracted by several companies developing technologies for the trucking industry. SlipStreem Aerodynamics was created in 2007, as the holding company for various technologies that Mr. Holubar plans to bring to the marketplace. He has since built and operated several wind tunnels, which has gained him a very solid understanding of fluid dynamic theory . SlipStreem boasts practical and real time in house aerodynamic research and testing capabilities that manage an active pipeline of projects.

Mr. Holubar has also owned two companies prior to Slipstreem, both start-ups and both very successful, which has given him the real world business experience to launch his current company.

A graduate of The University of Nebraska with a BSBA in business administration and a minor in statistics. Also a high achiever, he attended the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Florida graduating with honors, 2nd out of a class of 140.

Military experience includes being an Army CH-47 Chinook Crew Chief 1987-1988. Rob is also a very proud Eagle Scout.

Diego Morales

Mr. Diego Morales grew up in Brazil and was originally a transplant from the east coast having spent the last 23 years in Southern California with a fascination for one day opening up his own business. Academically, Diego graduated with a degree in finance from the University of Southern California in 1989 and began his career in both the accounting and finance disciplines focusing in the commercial real estate industry. Serving in many capacities from Vice President of Finance for Fidelity Financial to his last role as Sr. Financial Analyst at Lehman Brother’s largest real estate holding company Archstone, Diego has vast experience in the development of destination retail, office, hotel, apartment and mixed-use projects. Mr. Morales was formally trained in sales during 2 ½ years working for a national finance and accounting recruiting firm in Los Angeles. In 2000, Mr. Morales acted as a business developer consultant for a startup venture that sold aftermarket carbon fiber parts to the automotive industry. Diego has been building his well rounded resume to prepare him for the grand opening of SlipStreem Aero West Sales LLC in pursuit of creating a successful business and with a long term vision of the future in the industry.

Jonathan L. Kimbrell

Jon Kimbrell is a young, ambitious college student who currently lives in south Orange County, California. He began his career at the age of sixteen working at Dana Party Supply store, and within 2 years was promoted to the store manager. Whilst managing that store, he also worked as a valet parking attendant for the Silverado Hospice center in Irvine, California and eventually rising to become a supervisor of parking operations at their facility, as well.

Mr. Kimbrell began his studies at Saddleback College where he initially had plans of pursuing a career as an EMT Paramedic, but later decided to go down a different route. He decided to join Slipstreem Aero West Sales LLC, and help build a business from scratch. As a result, Jon is a few months away from completing his AA degree with an emphasis in Business. Jon was very impressed by Rob Holubar’s presentation of the Showtime 100 product and sensed its importance to the future of the industry. The thought of an environmentally beneficial product that was also a viable business was astonishing to him. Mr. Kimbrell, in his personal life is a three time National Indoor Karting Champion and very accomplished motorsport athlete. “The fact that this product helps in preserving the environment and saves precious fossil fuels keeps me motivated and committed to sharing this technology with as many people as possible.”

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